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Looking for Satoshi started as a Blockchain World ZigZag and turned into a philosophy and a lifestyle I have been living by since 2018.

During this trip, I regularly shared some insights on the Crypto Community and Blockchain on my instagram, to get the gist of it, you can read my Manifesto for a summary.

Coming (relatively) soon

  • I am writing a detailed and personal 2 years recap (2018-2019) with blockchain anecdotes on each 15 countries I visited. You can read it by downloading the ebook.

  • Visit the Boutique for Looking for Satoshi original swag.

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Looking For Satoshi - Blockchain ZigZag


In numbers:

Between 2018 and 2019, I visited 15 countries and 45 cities.

I traveled 104771 kilometers which is 2.6 times the circumference of the Earth. 🌍


traveled for Blockchain Conferences  I was invited by local organizers, in exchange I would give talks or workshops. I learn a lot, met amazing people and I wrote about all of this in my ebook "Looking for Satoshi"

Read the debrief of my travels:
download the ebook.





IV - failure (also pedagogy)


These are instagram captions.


  • The only thing that gives you guaranteed ROI

    • BUIDLing over HODLing or SODLing


There are many reasons why people come into crypto and blockchain space. But the main difference for me is short-term goals VS long-term goals. HODLing long term is fun and might even work out for some of us.

But to make a real impact on your life and other people lives, you have to start BUIDLING. It's a 100% ROI, whatever happens. 

You will earn skills, experiences, do something useful, innovate, leave your mark and maybe get rich without having to wake up every 3 hours to check #Bitcoin price on your connected watch.

 "When we are dead, it's not what we #HODL or #SODL that matters. It's what we #BUIDL."

- A. Tripathi

  • Invest in the project, not the token

A woman I met at Comicon in 2018 asked me about ICOs and how to invest wisely because she is scared by scams (rightfully so). One of my fellow speakers try to come up with an answer to her concern - that many of us share.
But she seems even more lost, so the short answer I gave her was:
"Invest in the project, not the token."

She thinks, nods and takes her sit.

There is no miracle recipe when it comes to ICOs. 80% are scams. Some are better scams than others. It's like buying good or bad fake in a shopping mall in China. At the end of the day it's still fake. So you better know exactely what you are buying and why. If not you should reconsider.

  • How do we make blockchain mainstream? 🔥💫

I think we start by telling everyone it's not just about the tech but about the *people* and solving their real life painpoints.
Then we make sure non-technical profiles feel welcome to join this ecosystem and we let awesome projects emerge.
If we can do this, the #dApps that will be created will actually succeed in their user acquisition strategy. Making #Blockchain mainstream relies heavily on adoption.
Even if sometimes the users won't realize they're using it.

Again, ask Instagramers if they know what's an API or how TCP/IP works... They don't know! Why would they care? They have millions of followers and are able to make a living from their #instabusiness.
---> Tech skills are crucial to make things work, but they are not enough to make people use those things. 🙌

We need people who understand other people as bad we need those who understand computers. We need people who can be a bridge between different cultures and help #blockchain get mainstream.
This is not a big strength in our community right now (#socialskills 🤗).
1. Why do you think people talk about #cryptokitties?
Hint: it's not about the "crypto" part. 🐈

2. What are the first things people knew about bitcoin?
---> darknet, drugs, illegal stuff.. And then greed and speculation came to the party.
But MOST people don't know about that "blockchain thing" that actually makes it all work.
So at the end of the day I realized: achieving *adoption* (mainstream) and achieving *education* are 2 different things.
I am mainly focusing now on educating people who can help us achieve adoption ASAP.
So join the #blockchainrevolution.
I'm saving you a seat. 🌻

"People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy." ―  Anton Chekhov

"Dear crypto community,
If you HODL, keep HODLING.
If you BUIDL, keep BUIDLING.
(faster) (╯°□°)╯"
The way 2018 ended was unexpected.
I went through the #CryptoWinter ❄️ furious storm while at #Wonderfruit 🍍 in beautiful Thailand with the unique 🌈 #MeshFam [Q] 🖤
Lucky coincidence right?

Good thing Humans are more resilient than #blockchains.🌱 #2018

I wish you all to have the best holidays and focus on what's important.
See you in 2019! ✨
It's gonna be a hell of a year. 🔥😉

“My barn having burned down, I can now see the moon.” ― Mizuta Masahide (poet & samouraï) 🌙
( >🥦cheers



  • Looking for Satoshi in all places... and in everyone. 💙


• Let's bring more Diversity in the Ecosystem.

• Kill this bro mentality. Let's act as a pack of humans.

• Less elitist behavior. You don't need to know how to code to have an opinion or a good idea.

• Stop encouraging people that act like misunderstood geniuses by praising them. Instead challenge them! Ask them to explain the same thing like they are talking to a 10 year old and you will see if they care about you (and do it) or if they just like hearing the sound of their voice.

• Let's be supportive to people that work on educating others with simple language. Vulgarization requires expertise, empathy and effort.

• This one is for women especially: stop thinking you don't belong in this space. It is a vicious circle. The less women we have in tech, the more they will think tech is not for them. No matter how many measures are taken, until women decide for themselves that it's time to do the extra effort to carve out a space for themselves, we will remain in the exact same situation for the next decades. 🕓

Nothing is going to fix itself unless we do something about it. ☀️☀️☀️

  • It's not the 80's anymore! 🌈 🙌

Usually I would feel sad about this, but here I say it with great JOY. The reason is simple:
As we all know "history doesn't repeat itself, but it often rhymes" - Twain.
Turns out that today we have a chance at rebuilding the Internet. #Web3 #muchwow
Let's not miss it by forgetting to include all types of profile in the movement (women and people of color for example). And when we do, let's not rewrite history to erase them.
We know better than in the 80's, we know that the best projects come from diversity (of any kind). And despite this picture, I don't have pink hair (yet 👾) but I like the idea that anyone (woman/man/non-binary, pink/blue/black/blond, whatever their color, their country, their culture, their handicap) can feel completely welcome in the Blockchain Community.
How can you pretend that you want to achieve mass adoption if your product is designed by an homogeneous team? 🤔
(of #whitemalesfromsiliconvalley for example 😉) So to the people calling the shots (CEOs, tech leads, investors, VCs, managers, event producers etc.) who feel safer reproducing models they know, I am not asking you to be nice, just to be STRATEGIC. 💡
You will earn more money and build better products with happier teams.✔️
(Bonus: and you might improve Society in the process🌻) 

  • Not in Blockchain yet? What's your excuse? ✨

I am sad to hear people refraining themselves by saying, "I am interested but I am not a tech person or a developer".
They compare themselves to a cliche of nerd/genius they will never match ... By maintaining these cliches as a community, we set ourselves up for failure.😒 Yes it's crucial to have tech people in a project (as a computer scientist I am well aware of that) but truly the first thing you actually need for a project is a good idea💡 and motivation 🔥. Another thing just as important is having a DIVERSE team. If you can align on your vision people with complementary skills to make it real, you're ready to do some serious #BUIDLING.
And no, you don't need to know how to write #smartcontracts to have a great idea in the blockchain space.
You just need to be aware of the technologies you can use and understand how to use them (for that you have free ressources at your disposal: youtube, online articles, meet-ups and hackathons 🙌). So no more excuse and no self-censorship!🐈
Let's just start a conversation and see how you can contribute to a project!💫
Time to buckle up - - > destination: Web 3.0! 🚀
It's happening




  • In the last post we discussed Diversity. In this one let's discuss Toxicity. ☠️ . . PART 2

When it comes to tech, a rational field one would assume, the most irrational behaviors sometimes emerge. With time I came to understand it has less to do with the topic itself, and everything to do with dear old human nature... So here are few tips for everyone to make the digital air more breathable.

• Less talking about Tech as a Religion 🙏🏼

• Stop worshipping Tokens or new (shit) coins like there are the new Idols.💲

• Stop arguing on technical stuff like a child. One second people are talking about technical choices regarding a protocol, the next it's getting personal and they are almost in a "yo momma" contest! 👺

• Let's try to be agnostic with tech. People are being too emotional and treating blockchain and crypto as a religion. Maximalism is a form of extremism. It is not healthy.

• Stop focusing on tech for tech but rather focus on tech as a tool to solve identified problems for humans. ➕🌍🌿🦊

• Remember that what is important in this community, and any community really, is the people. Use your words wisely.

Don't contribute to someone's burn out or depression. If you don't have something meaningful to say online, stay quiet, don't be a troll, don't be a fanatic. If you do have something to say, do it in a constructive way, so that people actually listen to you and understand your point.

• Less ego, more actions. 🔥


There are many things I would like the Ecosystem to become aware of in order to evolve towards a better and more productive environment. An environment less toxic for its members and for people that might want to join in the future. YOU can contribute to build a new, and hopefully better, Internet.

One block at a time.◼️

Everybody is welcome. A loud minority doesn't speak for us all. 💛


IV - failure (also pedagogy)

Few months ago I was interviewed by a journalist for Marie Claire @marieclairemag, to discuss about Failure.

In France, and probably in other countries, failing is still seen as a negative thing. This is one of the biggest misconception I have come across when discussing career and life paths. This misconception has been created and maintained by our educational system, by society and later on in professional environments.
It is strange because I think most people know consciously or not that everytime you fail something, you learn from it and you grow.

When a kid falls down while trying to walk, to climb or to run, we don't tell her or him that they failed, we say "try again" and it's perfectly normal. But as years go by, failure ceases to be considered as a normal way of learning and becomes a shameful thing.
This is probably why so many people (adults and even teens) are afraid of trying: they are simply afraid of failing.
Without that fear, imagine how many bold, original, disruptive new projects and ideas we would come across?
Scratch that, just imagine how many people will be less stressed out and less self doubting themselves everyday about the choices they made (by default) at some point in their life (professional or not) just because they were afraid to step outside the norm.
When I think about this sometime I find it quite frightening!
We all have to work on this, it certainly takes time to have the confidence to make your own choices and, inevitably, your own mistakes.
But at least you own them, they are part of your experience.

At the end of the day, what else is there? 👀



  • Creativity takes courage

Devcon is over and so is Halloween! 🎃 Prague this year was an amazing experience! 🖤 @hellhound_eth activation was a success. We were able to make ~ 28 teams (184 people) from the Ecosystem play in our Escape room (although we technically only had 14 spots, so as you can imagine we didn't see much of #devcon4 itself). 👀

This journey started when we applied for a two hours workshop aiming at introducing #Cryptography, its universe, mindset and methods, through an original experience.

Thanks to the trust of the Devcon team - Ethereum Foundation - we ended up running it for 4 days...🔥 Only 1 team @zeppelinorg managed to break out from this creepy Underworld and won this darq tournament. ⚔️ Here is what we learned by running this experience: pedagogy, creativity and empathy are definitely the best ways to deliver a message and teach people about any subject, no matter how complex it can be.

Unfortunately many experts in our field don't have or don't use these qualities. In our ecosystem, if you are a misunderstood genius, odds are you will be praised as a crypto god. 🤔

The reality is, no one cares how smart one sounds if they don't understand what that person is talking about. 😂 People should leave a conversation, a talk or a workshop smarter, more inspired or empowered. Not feeling dumb or under the impression that the barrier to get in the blockchain ecosystem is too high.🚫 Our community often talks about the #blockchain revolution and how it should impact everything and everyone. If we really want to achieve this, each and everyone should make an effort in this direction.

Make your ideas more accessible, convey your messages in an impactful and respectful way.🌟 As we are evolving in this community, HellHound will continue to run its pedagogical crypto experiences in order to educate as many people as possible while having fun, and be an active member of the blockchain community democratization and privacy effort.🚀 . To quote the words of my co-founder @bouguera_amira in a recent tweet: Creativity takes courage. 🖤 . 📸 More pictures of the HellHound Escape Room on the official account @hellhound_eth



come visit my place on cryptovoxels, the octokitty.

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 19.42.54.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 19.44.39.png

For now it's pretty minimalist, it's just Katu Doowall (my CryptoKitty) and me most of the time. 

If you have skills for virtual building, reach out to me and I will give you access to my unit(s) for paid builds.

P.S.:  I am so happy that PINATA.CLOUD is my neighbour!

I use their service all the time to pin my Art on IPFS. By the way, you should visit my gallery FIATFUGAZI on Opensea.

#NFT #CryptoArt 

Update: I now own 3 adjacents unit in The Bronx, reach out if interested.

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