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Here are some of the Blockchain projects I co-founded over the years.

Resources include: short description, videos, demos, github repos and feedback when available.

  1. Feel free to browse my Portfolio,

  2. Learn more about What I Do,

  3. And Reach out to me if you want to work together.


Projects portofolio



Privacy by Design for all (d)Apps
HellHound is a decentralized blind computation platform. HellHound’s goal is to provide a truly decentralized computing environment and a set of cryptographic tools to enable developers to implement privacy-by-design.




Linnia is a decentralized protocol that facilitates the secure storage and sharing of sensitive data. Linnia’s mission is to enable developers to build the Web 3.0. 



Kidner is a zero knowledge matching algorithm.

It aims to improve access to kidney transplantation worldwide by helping institutions scale kidney paired-exchange programs.

Status: the project is actively looking for funding.



Prague October 2018

HellHound Escape Game was a unique activation.

See the positive feedback my team received on twitter below.

Learn more about the Game: here
Behind the scenes of this activation: here


This wasn't a regular escape game.

HellHound Escape Room is:

  • an Activation for the launch of a new project,

  • a team building activity for the companies that joined, 

  • and a playful introduction to very technical concepts (cryptography, blind computation and multi party computation).

I would love to create more of those, so reach out to me if you want to work on something similar.

Since 2016

First Distributed Blockchain Hackathon in France.

I co-founded Le Blockfest with several major french players that understand the power decentralization.

Our core values were pedagogy, inclusivity, no bullshit and benevolence.
We welcomed a lot of non-technical backgrounds (designers, students, retired, people looking for a job change, militants, researchers, artists) to make them discover blockchain for the first time. They came with no crypto knowledge but with real life problems. That's how we were able to build meaningful projects on an emerging tech in a week.


I have been building hackathons, creating pedagogical programs and mentoring teams since 2016. 
The Blockchain Canvas is actually a result of this cumulated experience.

To learn more about Le Blockfest, visit the links below.

Most content is in French but if you want information, just ask me.

Blockfest 1.0 - first edition at Ecole 42 in Paris - 2016

Blockfest 1.1 - with University of .. in Rennes 

Blockfest 1.2 - with Orange Labs and Linksium  in Grenoble (France) - 2017

Blockfest 1.3 - with CNRS and EMD in Marseille - 2017

Blockfest 1.4 - with Ecole 42 & matrice in Paris.

Blockfest 1.5 - with the women of the WHAT "Women Hacker Action Tank" in Nice - 20

Blockfest 2.0 ? reach out if you are willing to be a sponsor or organize with us this edition!



Blockchain Architect & Tech Expert
Consulting, Engineering, Gamified Learning, Communication
  • Engineering & consulting

You’ve been thinking about building a project using blockchain but you don't know where to start and you need expert feedback on your design?

Building a sound decentralized system can be challenging because of the diversity of knowledge and skills one has to master: data management, software architecture, gas optimization, access rights management, scalability, performance or business requirements, user experience, security, tokenomics etc.

I have +6 years of experience doing this for my own projects (Linnia, Hellhound, Kidner) as well as for companies and startups I worked with over the years.

There are 2 phases where I can help you: the design phase and the review phase.

  1. The design phase can be: designing the software architecture of what you want to build (app, platform or protocol) which involves working on technical specifications, requirements and all sorts of diagrams. It can also be about creating technical yet accessible Documentation for your project. You can then use it for your website, for your community or to pitch investors.

  2. The review phase can be very light like reviewing what you have done so far and pointing out everything you might need to change or improve. It can also be a full technical due diligence process. I started doing technical audits for investors at the end of 2019. So if you are looking for a high level of scrutiny of your work before making an important move, feel free to reach out to me. 

Research-based project

I have a background in Computer Science research (complex system, critical data, ontology, prediction and monitoring systems, traceability and privacy, self-sovereign identity etc.)  so I always enjoy working on research projects. If you have a project that requires research skills and want someone with both a research and an industry background, you can reach out to me.


On the other hand, if your project lacks fundamental research aspects and you want help producing a research paper to present your concepts in a more academic way, I can help you with that.

Feel free to reach out using the form below.

  • Product management

You are looking for relevant blockchain use cases for your company or institution?

The key is to avoid using blockchain when it's not necessary.

Back in 2016, I wrote this article "Blockchain is the answer, but what was the question?" trying to explain where, why and when Blockchain is a relevant tech. The real way to democratize blockchain and crypto is not to have a ton of projects using them, is to have a lot of relevant projects using them the right way.

The key to that is expertise

On the long term, quality wins over quantity. So I created a methodology to help people think of relevant use cases.I designed a free canvas I shared on my blog back in the days (2016) and it has since been used by institutions and people all over the world (read more about it here).

The Blockchain Canvas methodology was created after I mentored countless teams in hackathons and found myself repeating the same advices over and over. What those teams had in common:

  1. they had to produce something fast (usually in one weekend) so I had to find the most efficient way to teach them important concepts,

  2. they didn't know much about blockchain or they had partial understanding, meaning they would miss part of the puzzle and get confused down the line,

  3. they wanted to validate simultaneously if their idea was right (if nobody cares about your product, why spend time on it?) but also if blockchain was the right way to go about it.

The Blockchain Canvas method helped them because it's simple : you just need to fill 1 sheet. The canvas asks the right questions and if you do your best to answer them, it gives you results.

If you need help brainstorming or design a blockchain-based product or feature, reach out to me.

Gamified experience, unique activation

You have a complex technology (say a protocol, an app or a platform) and you want people to understand it better to accelerate its adoption
Creating a truly pedagogical experience is not easy. Especially when your intended customers are not experts or if your tech is quite abstract like cryptography

When I co-founded my project HellHound (a blind computation platform running on a decentralized network), I worked on an Escape Room to make people understand cryptographic concepts and the inner mecanisms of the platform we build. Each technical module became a character in the game, each main 'function' became a riddle or a task to achieve. The HellHound escape game became the number one activation on the privacy track during DEVCON 4 (see here the shout out from Hudson Jameson and take a peak in the room).

If you need guidance, delivery or support building a memorable experience or finding a way to convey your vision, reach out to me by filling the form below with as much info as possible.


For other types of inquiries (conferences, collaborations), also use the Discovery form to reach out.
You can check out this youtube Playlist to see some of the talks I did that happened to be recorded.

Secure channels: if you need to discuss privately (with end-to-end encryption), reach out to me on Keybase : @SAJZ.

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