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It’s a tool designed to help you identify the applicability of Blockchain technologies for your use cases. Input the data from your own case and see how it fits.

Brief history

The Blockchain Canvas was invented in 2016 by Sajida Zouarhi. From day one it has been a free tool intended to help people start their blockchain journey.

Since then, it has been used worldwide by blockchain and non blockchain companies, consulting firms, schools (both engineering and management) and many more.

It has even been independently aggregated to the LEAN methodology (there is a Lean Blockchain website out there), which illustrates the power of creative commons copywriting.

“You can’t change the way people think, all you can do is give them a tool, the use of which will change their thinking.”

— R. Buckminster Fuller


Need some help with the Blockchain Canvas?

Book a session with me.

Project lead

You need to familiarize with this tool quickly in order to use it for your project or company? You understand the canvas but you want to make sure you are filling it properly?
You want guidance through the process or just want speedy results?

Book a session with me and have your canvas ready in 1 hour.

Trainers & Consultants

You are organizing a Blockchain workshop, hackathon or event soon?
Learn everything you need to know about the canvas and

how to run an efficient workshop using it,  in 1 hour.


Some testimonials here or here.

Use the Canvas on your own

Between the straightforward canvas structure and the user guide, you are more than ready to use the canvas on your own. If you have an idea in mind, participating to a hackathon or just want to brainstorm with a pedagogical support. Feel free to download the canvas and use it alone or with others.

Check the licences here.
The canvas is free but can't be displayed online or offline without attribution to its author. It can not be used for commercial purpose without explicit authorization from its author.

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